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Contract Cleaning and Restorative Drying Experts in Southeast Michigan

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Education, Training, Certification, and Xactimate Billing

The Science Behind Structural Drying

Based on a solid foundation of proven drying principles, structural drying provides a data-driven way of reducing costs, maximizing drying speed, documenting claims, and saving time in water damage remediation. It employs psychrometry – the science of drying – to track moisture content, monitor progress, and confirm completion of the job.

The Case for In-Place Drying

Given a Category I "clean" water loss, the carpet, pad, and contents may be dried in-place with minimal disturbance, provided that the loss occurred from a fresh water source such as a washing machine, tub, or faucet. However, even clean water losses can quickly escalate to Category II "gray water" situations in less than 72 hours due to microbial growth. At DRC, we can help you act quickly to sort out the details and mitigate the damage.
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Training and Certification

Every DRC technician is HCRC-certified, and trained through the Chuck Dewald Vortex Drying School and the Dri-Eaz Applied Structural Drying School, completing coursework in each of the following disciplines: Restorative Drying 101, 201, 301; Microbial Remediation 101; and Documentation 101. This investment in continuing education allows our people to remain knowledgeable about the latest technology and techniques, giving DRC the competitive edge in structural restoration.

Xactimate Billing for Exacting Standards

Accepted by the majority of insurance carriers for water damage claims, Xactware and Xactimate software is the preferred estimating platform of DRC. Using this program, we're able to precisely estimate the cost of repairs and reconstruction according to several variables, such as:
  • Labor and productivity rates (based on industry standards)
  • Labor burden and overhead
  • Material and equipment expenses
  • Building layout and square footage of damaged area
Just as importantly, Xactimate allows us to draft sketches of floor plans, roof plans, and wall-framing plans, specifying materials, multiple types of flooring, and other line items to be used in remediation efforts. As a result, we're able to automatically calculate material and labor charges for water extraction and restoration.
NOTE: Labor, material, and square footage rates are based on industry standards for location of losses.